love thursday: what would you prefer?

One question and four words.

That is all it took to get me out of my funk last night.

This love Thursday is dedicated to the simple phrase:


You know those times when you feel like you SHOULD do something? Or when guilt is driving your decision making? These are the times when you need to pause and say to yourself WHAT WOULD YOU PREFER?

I had to do this last night. After biking home (get ready for some complaining here)- 20 km, lots of up hills, scarfing down food in 10 minutes to then walk back out the door to go to running group, I stopped myself at the front door and just thought NO I do NOT want to do this tonight. I didn’t feel like being encouraged to pick up the pace, or mentally guiding myself up the hill while I cursed under my breath. For 15 minutes I stood out there. The conversation in my head became more like a debate.
Just give yourself some time for YOU. Do what you want to do.

No. Get your butt off to running group. You said you wanted to run a half marathon in under 2 hours, how are you going to do that if you miss speed workouts?

But, I’m just so tired. I just want to veg out and sit under a tree and just chill.

So much back and forth in my head.

This was when I called my sister. She is having a completely zen experience at the cottage this month. Reading, drinking coffee on the deck, visiting with family friends, playing scrabble with my parents, and drinking wine. She is totally calm when I talk to her on the phone.

I called her and explained how restless I was feeling and how my mind was taking over- the debate in my head was getting louder and louder.
She offered some great words of encouragement and then said, just take a minute and ask yourself WHAT WOULD YOU PREFER? Like would you prefer to take a nap? Would you prefer to sit on the deck and read a book?

BINGO. That is what I needed to hear. I needed someone to just tell me to take a moment and BE KIND to myself. To put aside the SHOULD’s and the GUILT and the MUST DO and just follow with WHAT WOULD YOU PREFER?

So, let me ask you the question, what would you prefer on this LOVE Thursday? Is there something that you feel you SHOULD do, but just don’t have the energy to tackle at this moment? What would you prefer to do?


2 thoughts on “love thursday: what would you prefer?

  1. So happy to hear that worked out for you! I can’t say that it’s completely cured me of my own craziness, but focusing on what it is you REALLY WANT is an important lesson! As for what I would prefer to do today: Enjoy a beer on the deck and then pound out a 30 min run in the heat. Do I have that order backwards? Absolutely not, because it is what I PREFER to do! (There will be an hour of bliss between those two activities….)


    1. Great post Amanda – It’s taken me a long time to learn this lesson myself and I still question myself on it sometimes and end up making the wrong decisions because it’s “supposed to be the right one”.

      And, good luck on getting under 2 hours! I’m tackling my first half in October and my goal is not to die!


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