love thursday: when things just work out…

I love it when things just work out. Some call it serendipity, others say that the Universe is sending you something positive. Whatever you call it, I have to say that I just love it when everything aligns as it should.

Yesterday I wrote Jeff an email saying that for the August long weekend we should do a couple of day trips from home. I thought about suggesting that we stay somewhere overnight, but I want to save money. One of the places I suggested was the Cowichan Valley. I have never been to the valley, but a friend from work lives up there and raves about it. As I started researching the Cowichan I discovered that not only are there great wineries in the region, but there is a ton of outdoor stuff to do up there. It really sounds ideal. So Jeff and I were talking about the possible day trip and how we could do it and allow him to fit in a massive bike ride and/or swim on the same day. It sounded like it was going to be a bit complicated, but I didn’t give up hope.

Flickr Credit: TKnoxB

I am so glad I didn’t. Here is what happened.

This morning I was talking with the friend from work who lives in the Cowichan valley about her dogs. She has 4 dogs and a large property in the Cowichan Valley. She mentioned that they were going away for the August long weekend and although they would love to take at least one dog with them on their trip, it just wasn’t feasible. She then said “Oh you should go up the Valley sometime and check out the wineries, you would love it”.  I mentioned that Jeff and I were actually considering that and that we were thinking of the long weekend in August. Anyways, to sum this up, we realized that we could easily help each other out. I take care of her dogs, who basically live in a large fenced in backyard and are quite self-sufficient, and we get to stay at their lovely property for the long weekend and do our day trips from the house.

I love this.

The details have yet to be sorted, but it seems serendipitous.


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