the great ding dong ditch and gratitude

Lately I have been fascinated by creative videos fellow bloggers have created. Many are inspiring, thoughtful, sad, heartfelt, and artsy. I love getting a 2-5 minute glimpse into someone’s world through their own eyes.

Today I came across two favorite videos, that remind me to be grateful and to LAUGH, and live out loud.

The first is the Great Ding Dong Ditch, brought to you by the creative kindnessgirl, Patience Salgado.

The second is by an incredible author and artist, Katherine Center asking you: What are you grateful for ?


5 thoughts on “the great ding dong ditch and gratitude

  1. I’m in the process of making a sign for the car on for my front window that says: Who needs to hear you say I love you?

    I’m feeling a bit behind in Dream lab and in blog visits with my daughter and soninlaw being here for a few days. Loved their visit and also love being back on track.


  2. It is often true that we will never know how far the good we do can travel. As the song of grateful kindness begins to quietly hum and move, it is studied and written about, and even medicine tries to help us see how valuable it is in our cognitive development (that’s dr-speak for our growing up!)

    This week was a soft, summer week to think about growing up, about being kind, about living by example. And it was a week to write and make bread and film kindness. Take a peek:


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