Summer list

The west coast summer has been a bit faulty this year. Some days it is sunny, other days (most days) it is overcast and a bit rainy, but it seems that this week we have the official go ahead for SUNSHINE which in my books means bring on the summer.

I was inspired by a couple of bloggers to create a summer list. One of my favorite blogs by Kickpleat: It’s the small joys wrote down her summer list and I think it’s a great idea. As I read some of the items on Kickpleat’s summer list I kept hearing myself say “OH YAH! ME TOO!”  So here goes my summer list. Some of the things I hope to do, eat, drink, and visit this summer.

1. Eat Gelato

Photo Credit : D Sharon Pruitt

2. Sit on a patio full of sunshine with an ice cold beer.

3. Ride my bike along the Galloping Goose Trail.

4. Ride my bike to Sidney and stop for Fish and Chips

5. Swim in a lake.

6. Try stand up paddling.

Photo Credit: Mike Baird, Flickr

7. Catch lightning bugs. I don’t think we actually have lightning bugs in Victoria, but they always bring back a strong memory of humid summer nights in Virginia.

8. Picnic on a beach

9. Swim in the ocean.

10. Wear skirts and shorts.

11. Trail running.

12. Naps in the park.

13. Trip to PEI.

14. Vancouver Island exploration. Day trippin’.

15. Fruit salad.

16. Walk along the beach barefoot in search of heart rocks.

17. Chilled white wine.

18. BBQ on the balcony.

19. Listen to music outdoors.

20. Visit farmer’s markets and buy veg and fruit locally.


4 thoughts on “Summer list

  1. This is an awesome list! I am adding these things to my summer list. What is funny is I had the same idea to create a summer list, but I didn’t want to just do it on a google document because I wanted to check things off!

    My friend suggested this pretty nifty site (Pinchd). It was awesome place for me to keep track of everything fun I wanted to do this summer and allowed me to check things off! I also, could share my list with friends. Anyway, thought it might be a useful resource..this is the link (

    Anyway, thanks for the awesome post!


    1. Wow Pinchd is very cool, thanks for sharing! Do you have a link to your summer list, or least a link to the one you are going to post? Would love to see it


  2. I just had to check out your latest posting when I saw the photo. So two things: I am going to recreate that photo, i love it! And two, I love your summer list. It made me smile because it’s a list of the really fun things you want to do. Not like the dreaded “to do list”. As always, nice work Amanda!


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