Rocks remind me of…

Do certain images or sights ever remind you of someone or something?  For me, whenever I see rocks along the beach or in a photograph or painting I am also reminded of my friend Anne. I am reminded of the time she opened her home to me and we would stay up and watch “So you think you can dance” and crack up at all of the dancers who could have been professional impersonators of Elaine from Seinfeld. Anne and I were roommates for a short amount of time but I loved living with her and soaking up all of the interesting thoughts she shared with me, seeing her art work, and hearing about her wonderful cottage in Nova Scotia.  She also loved (not sure if she still does) paintings, photographs, and the texture of rocks.

Anne just became a Nana last week and it seemed fitting that I was exploring French Beach, a large rock filled beach, this past weekend.

French Beach
French Beach

2 thoughts on “Rocks remind me of…

  1. I can’t pass gardenias without being transported to Buenos Aires, or smell the beach without remembering my friend Beth who’s smile could light up the whole planet.

    Stones and rocks make me thing of days spent walking the dry creek bed near our house and finding treasure.

    Nice photos – you make rocks look good.


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