love thursday:3 things!

I have more than one love thursday today, just cause I’m feeling gooood.

The smell of the sea.

My friend Rhiannon told me that every time she smells the sea it reminds her of Victoria. She told me this when we were walking along the seawall in Vancouver and I thought, “That’s strange, don’t you smell the sea here in Vancouver?” Now that I live in Victoria I totally get what she means. When I go for a walk, ride my bike, or go for a run along Dallas Road I can smell that strong sea smell. It totally takes me right back to PEI. Every time I smell that awesome seaside smell I think of walking along the paved road with my Mom or heading out for a swim in the ocean with my Dad. I love how every time I smell the sea it brings a smile to my face.

the sea

Art Journaling YouTube Videos

I am totally addicted to watching “how to” videos on YouTube. You would think that as an online educational designer I would have thought to watch “how to” videos on YouTube before, but for some reason this has just recently caught my attention. I have been wanting to take a mixed media art class and I have not found one that fits with my schedule and cost requirements. So I headed to YouTube. I have been watching these videos from Journal Artista . I prefer her YouTube 10 minute clips to her live production, but you can access both versions from her blog or her YouTube channel.

…this guy


Thanks for making everyday an adventure :)


2 thoughts on “love thursday:3 things!

  1. The ocean, art making and a good man = bliss
    My sweet man and I just celebrated the anniversary of his proposal on the summer solstice.

    Very nice photos.


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