love thursday: my ‘hood

I have been having a love affair with my little neighborhood lately. I love my public library, the awesome bike store (Oak Bay Bikes), cute coffee shops, book stores, friendly faces; everything that makes for a great neighborhood. Yesterday as I was picking books from the library I was annoyed that there were so many detour signs. I couldn’t turn down any of the roads that led directly to the library, I had to pull out the map to try to find a sly way to get there and it was frustrating. What could possibly be happening on a Wednesday, late afternoon, that would warrant a need to close an entire section of the major MAIN street in my neighborhood?

After picking up my library books (Mixed Media Art books if you are curious), I decided to investigate. As I turned the corner to the Main Street my frustration gave way to complete happiness. My little neighborhood was alive with a farmers/art market. All along the street were vendors, live music, fresh food, art stations. It was so great. The sun was shining and I realized as I walking down the street that I started to recognize people.

Oh yah, there is the guy who sells sausages at the Moss St. Market.

Oh, and there is the guy with the funky straw hat who sells the best BBQ salmon sandwich.

Hey! I recognize, you;  you are the really nice woman who sells pottery at the Market on Sundays wonder what your story is…

I felt like I was becoming a part of a great community and I want to give a shout out to my lil’ neighborhood in Oak Bay. You guys are doing it just right.

Oh… and it’s my birthday today so what the heck. I’m going to send a little Love Thursday my way!


2 thoughts on “love thursday: my ‘hood

  1. Happy Belated Birthday!

    What a nice surprise on just the right day.

    I love the bus.
    Seems every time I come to your blog I fall inlove with a picture of metal and four wheels. Hmmmm.


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