Love Thursday: My Professional Community

I was out of the Ed Tech world for a brief 8 weeks and now that I have returned it feels like coming home. I left Ed Tech and my area of expertise because I wasn’t sure I was in the right field anymore. I was bored, tired, and not challenged. I equated all of that with a need for a career change. As I look back on that time I realize (the hard way) that I didn’t need a career change, I needed a work place change.

I was reminded of this at the ETUG (Educational Technology Users’ Group) Conference on Monday and Tuesday. I was reminded that my professional community completely rocks, that I bond and connect with this group of people so effortlessly and I feel so supported by each member. I was reminded that even though I took a hiatus I was welcomed back with open arms and that I do have value to bring to this dynamic group of people.

Thanks to everyone who attend the ETUG conference. It was great to see all of you again and to meet new faces!


6 thoughts on “Love Thursday: My Professional Community

  1. Thanks so much for sharing some of the conference via your tweets. I wish that I could have been there. I agree that working in Ed + tech has it’s frustrating moments. I sometimes need to look for inspiration in new ways and places. Glad to see that you found your peeps and passion again.


  2. It really is such a great community to be part of. Occasionally when the frustration gets the best of me, a well timed tweet or timely blog post from someone in our space comes thru and either makes me laugh, puts things in perspective, or makes me realize how universal our issues are, either of which makes me feel supported and a little less frustrated by it all.

    Glad your back, Komrade Koolidge.


    1. Komrade :) Was great to sit on the debate with you and it is great to have you around in the Ed Tech world (sans mullet)


  3. Its nice to know where we belong and sort out what it is we need in our work life. I’m happy for you.

    And i have to say I love the name of your blog! I also have a “curly-mind-of-its-own” head of hair. I adore it – most of the time. ;)


    1. Thanks K! I do love my curls but sometimes, especially now that I live in Victoria which is a bit humid and windy, not a great combo for the hair!


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