Getting out of the funk

I started my morning off annoyed. So annoyed that I didn’t even know where to start the day.  The reason? A new neighbor (still in Vancouver FYI) decided to move into his new place between the hours of midnight and 1:30 am. WHO THE HECK DOES THAT? I could hear him yelling “YO man!  YO I’m up here!” to his friends, I could hear the sound of the elevator dinging every 10 minutes, and the UHAUL trolley scrapping along the hallway.  Totally not cool.

I became hot and bothered. Literally. I laid in bed finding myself so annoyed and angry that I became hot, my body temperature rose, I looked out the window wondering if I should go tell my new neighbor to SHUT THE F UP or should I just tramp outside in my PJS and wildly curly hair all over the place and basically scare him on site?  I did neither and instead let it fester, hoping that some other neighbor would do the dirty work for me.

So yes, it was a tumultuous night.

When I woke up this morning I really didn’t know where to begin. I just felt completely out of sorts and totally disrupted.

Fortunately I am taking the Mondo Beyondo course and the first thing that was on today’s lesson was to do the following:

Do you have something small, even silly perhaps, that is guaranteed to jump start your day or pull you out of a funk? Make a short list of small, micro-energizing activities that you’re always glad about after the fact.

Thank God. I think this lesson was prepared for me – divine timing really.

So here is my short list of micro-energizing activities that pull me out of a funk:

1. Exercising in the morning (riding my bike or running).

2. Reading my  favorite daily blogs (generally filled with inspiration and insight).

3. Appreciating the small things (rhubarb in oatmeal, coffee, sound of the rain against the window)

4. Smell of the ocean.

5. Not rushing- attempting to be still and slowly going through the morning’s routine. (This is RARE)

6. Coffee.

7. Exercising first thing, I know I already put it on there, but seriously it does me good!

8. Outdoors, getting outside.

Jericho Beach, View from the Sailing Club

5 thoughts on “Getting out of the funk

  1. I love those natural energizers.

    For me:

    1) Get into nature. Even if it’s a walk around the neighbourhood
    2) Make soup (even if the soup is no good; the making is always awesome)
    3) Get off the Internet
    4) Call my friend Sarah
    5) Declutter some part of the house


  2. I wish exercising in the morning energized me! (Actually maybe I should give it a fair shot :P)

    I posted my list here {}.


  3. I had a hard time doing that list, but reading your examples helped me a lot.

    I had a loud neighbor experience last night, too! Ugh, disruptive sleep is so painful.


  4. Hey, I’m loving the course too! Thanks for blogging about it or else I would never have encountered something so cool.

    My list is:

    – folding laundry
    – going to Chapters and spend an hour reading the magazines without buying a single one.
    – a dog’s wagging tail


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