New Liz Gilbert Video on gathering clues for your own life scavenger hunt

Liz Gilbert @ Oprah's 10 Anniversary

Oh Liz Gilbert.  You always speak my language.

I received an email today from O Magazine, you know the update emails that I am sure many of you receive daily from other magazine subscriptions or blogs. Usually I brush past the daily email, frequently delete it and move on to my favorite morning email- the one from my good friend in D.C. (Corinne), who faithfully writes me every morning. I still went directly to Corinne’s email, but unlike most mornings, I went back to the O Magazine email because I had one of these moments, “Wait… did the subject title of O’s email say something about Liz Gilbert?” Sure enough it did. The exact subject line was New! The Elizabeth Gilbert Video People Couldn’t Stop Talking About at Our 10th Anniversary.

I clicked and of course I was not disappointed.

If you have 20 minutes to spare today I really encourage you to sit back and watch Liz’s talk.

If you don’t have 20 minutes to spare (well make time for it- kidding), here are a few of the MANY highlights:

  • We are all gathering clues for life as though we are on a scavenger hunt, but in the end no matter how many clues you gather you need to live your own life.
  • Liz’s daily routine? She says, like many of us, this is her daily routine:  “I get up every single day and do my best. I do the best I can. I try to do better.”
  • Don’t suffer from life envy. When you see what others have, don’t assume that you need that too- that dog, those kids, that career, that car, etc. Be unique to yourself. Be true to yourself.

Proust said, Our lives are journeys that nobody can take for us and nobody can spare us from, we have to do it on our own.



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