BIG NEWS from Vancouver

The past couple of weeks has certainly had its ups and downs, but lately things have really been looking UP!  I am really pleased to let everyone know that Jeff and I will be moving to Victoria, BC. I have accepted a position at Royal Roads University and am really excited about the opportunity. As much as we absolutely love Vancouver, opportunities come once in a lifetime and this particular one came at just the right time in our life.

For those of you who may not know very much about Victoria- here are some facts about the beautiful oceanside city.

  • Victoria is the capital city of B.C.
  • Boasts the mildest climate in Canada.
  • Focus of downtown Victoria is the inner harbour, overlooked by the Parliament Buildings and the historic Fairmont Empress Hotel.
  • Populations: 78,057
  • To get to Victoria from Vancouver you can take a float plane or the 1.5 hour ferry
  • Active city: Triathlon BC’s official headquarters, several running and biking routes, kayaking, surfing, rock climbing
  • To counteract some of the more positive highlights I should let folks know that it is also known as the city of newlywed and nearly dead.

Photos of  Victoria

Downtown Victoria Credit: Flickr, Victoria Pool
Victoria Harbour at Sunset Credit: Flickr Victoria Pool
Fairmont Empress Hotel Credit: Flickr, Victoria Pool
Harbour at Night, Credit: Flickr, Victoria Pool

Royal Roads University, Credit: Royal Roads University Flickr Photostream
Royal Roads University, Credit: Royal Roads University Flickr Photostream

10 thoughts on “BIG NEWS from Vancouver

  1. Yay! Congratulations Amanda (and Jeff). We’ll be on the island in July so perhaps we can catch up then! Meanwhile, one of my closest friends lives over in Victoria — you probably already know people over there, but if you are looking for some company, I can definitely put you in touch with her!


  2. thanks and yes please pass on the contact info!! that would be great! let me know when you come over in july as well


  3. Congratulations! Sorry to hear you are leaving the Vancouver area but now I have an excuse to attend conferences in Victoria ;)

    What’s your new role? Or is it too early to talk about? I hope we can provide support and collaborative insights from the mainland.


  4. Thanks Kemp! I will be working as an Instructional Designer- really looking forward to it and yes will definitely keep in touch. Are you going to northern voice next week? I will be there- we can chat


  5. Congratulations! We spent a week at the Empress a number of years ago and fell in love with the place. We still remember the afternoon tea there.


  6. Hey Amanda! I had a quick browse through your blog. It’s very well written. I never have enought patience for blogs as I find most of the authors are very self indulgent but yours was very readable. You seem like a really cool gal. It’s too bad I didn’t get a chance to get to really know you. I am looking forward to the race tomorrow!


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