Admit it- you’ve always wanted to know the origin of Gatorade

You know you are living with a triathlete when the first thing he says this morning is “Good morning!  Do you know who invented Gatorade?”

Me: Huh?

Jeff proceeds to tell me the story of how Gatorade was invented, followed by: “So, I think that should be your blog post today.”

Me: Well, I don’t know.

Jeff:  Yes. If nothing else do it for your two most favorite men in the world. Your Dad and I.  He will love the story.

So here it is!

From Wikipedia (yup, a trusted source):

Robert Cade, Dana Shires, Harry James Free, and Alejandro de Quesada were the medical researchers, at the University of Florida, who created the original Gatorade thirst quencher in 1965. The Gators football coach, Ray Graves, was frustrated with the performance of his players, during the hot summer football practices, and asked the team doctor, one of Cade’s associates, for his insight. Cade, and his research team, came across the unique mix of water, sodiumsugar,potassiumphosphate, and lemon juice that is now known as Gatorade in honor of the football team, the Gators.

In honor of the upcoming Vancouver Marathon- where there WILL be a A LOT of Gatorade. Copyright: Flickr- Senor Codo.

4 thoughts on “Admit it- you’ve always wanted to know the origin of Gatorade

    1. Yup!! Here is the verdict: The football team credited Gatorade with their first Orange Bowl win over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, in 1967, and the drink became an instant phenomenon. Yellow Jackets coach Bud Carson, when asked why they lost, replied: “We didn’t have Gatorade. That made the difference.”[2]


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