Free time = new challenges

I have recently acquired a lot more time and a lot less money.  I am sure you can probably deduce the situation based on that first sentence.  To be honest, I thought I would be totally bummed, but in so many ways it is a huge relief.  Won’t go into more details…

While I have this time (aside from a few side contracts coming in) I have decided to be fairly upbeat and proactive about my situation.  Here are few specifics (outside of the regular: accept contracts/consultancies) I hope to maintain/do over the next few weeks:

Saving vs. Spending: I am pretty conservative when it comes to money.  I like to always have a certain amount in my checking account, hate dipping into savings, and like to review my home budget spreadsheet at the end of each month.  Based on all of this I could change my sentence to “I am pretty anal when it comes to money”.  However, I have decided to NOT freak out over the next few weeks about money.  Rather than keeping a strict account of everything I spend, I am going to also keep track of what I am saving.  For example, today I took a book out of the library (free, but would cost $29.00), checked out a video (free, but would cost $6), and walked home (free, but would have cost $2.50 bus pass).  I also packed my lunch to go work on a contract at the library used their free WIFI, and didn’t have to buy a coffee to get out of the house and use someone else’s WIFI. So right there I was able to save about $40.  Hopefully this psychological shift of tracking saving vs. spending will help me maintain financial sanity.

Blog Daily: Okay everyone says this one is going to be difficult, but I am going to commit one week at a time.  So for this week (Monday to Monday) I will blog daily.  I’m not promising words everyday, I might divert to photos one or two days, but for the most part I will write.

Read: I’m a huge reader but for the past month I haven’t read one book, aside from work related material.  I can’t wait to just sink into a good read, a novel that just lures me to the couch to read for hours. Here’s hoping that the couple of new reads I picked up at the library will do just that.

Do the things you say you want to do but never have time for: Go to the Museum of Anthropology, ride my bike around the Seawall at least once a week, have a picnic with Jeff at the beach, take a nap during the day, go climbing in Squamish on a weekday, make a really great cupcake and decorate it well (Farley got me on this one).

Mondo Beyondo: I have wanted to take this course, Mondo Beyondo, for a while now and I think now is the time to sign up and register.  Unfortunately it’s not free, but it is great value and thanks to Craigslist I will be able to pay for it without dipping into those savings!

Those are really the key things I want to do over the next few weeks.  As a friend told me today, you need to create a clearing for things to happen and hopefully the start of my clearing will bring forth good fortune.


6 thoughts on “Free time = new challenges

  1. Have you had friends who took the Mondo Beyondo course? It’s piquing my interest but I to do some research first, (official website aside), before plunking down the money.


      1. Yeah, I think I might do it. I’ve been visiting the site everyday and googling other people’s experiences. Looks like I might have to re-adjust my budget too.


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