Trips with girlfriends- a brief NYC recap

I haven’t posted in days, which feels like eons.  I even brought my computer to NYC with me, in the hope that I might be able to post a few notes on the blog while I was there but to my horror, the hotel wanted to charge me for WiFi (which I discovered on the LAST day that they did have free WiFi, I just had to sit in the lounge).  Lame.  So I was unplugged for 5 days and to be honest it feels great to be plugged back in.  Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed my soulful sister/friend weekend away with amazing women, but there were many times I wanted to tweet an experience, write about my Bradley Cooper sighting, or check email to meet up with a friend.  Perhaps I need an IPhone or a Blackberry- cue boyfriend breakup due to all my attention leaving his eyes and moving to a screen.  I think I will stick with the low tech and keep the boyfriend.

So enough pontificating about being unplugged, let’s get to the good stuff.

I traveled to NYC  with 5 other women for 5 days to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday.  It was nothing short of great.  New York was amazing.  I have been there two other times in my life and to be honest each time it just gets better. The city is vibrant and fully alive.  For a highly charged person, like me, it is a stimulation Mecca.  Each day brought a new experience shopping, walking, laughing, drinks on rooftop patios, the irresistible taste of wholesome food, subway stops, people watching, celeb spotting, bagels and iced coffee.  I love the vibe of the city and the fact that you can wear anything and not feel out of place (yah to Crayola day).  I love that there are so many restaurants and cafes that a friend said “I never go to the same place twice”. I love that I walked the Brooklyn Bridge just to get a slice of the most famous and delicious pizza outside of Italy.

In addition to the 6 Vancouver-ites, two friends came up from D.C. and it warmed my heart.  My two friends have known me since I was five years old and as we get older I feel like our friendship gets stronger.  At one point I apologized for not being available as much as I had wanted to and my friend  said “Amanda, even just a minute with you is great”- seriously friends like that are one in a million and true keepers.

Each year I try to take a trip with just girlfriends.  Last year it was Panama and Israel and this year it was NYC.   Time with girlfriends, whether it is coffee, brunch, or long weekend trips are vital for the soul.  Sometimes I need the verification that my insecurities or insane girl brain thoughts are felt by each and every woman.  I wouldn’t  call myself a girly girl by any means, but sometimes I need that one weekend just with women to be a girly-girl- indulge in dresses, wear makeup, try to walk in high heel shoes (unsuccessfully), eat chocolate, drink wine, laugh, and swap crazy stories.

So to all of my girlfriends around the world and especially to the women of NYC and DC, here’s to you thank you for being in my life!

(FYI: pics to come this weekend!)

Oh and to follow up on my Al Roker stories you may have seen me yesterday morning on the Today Show at about at 9:10 am, standing behind Mr. Roker while he gave the weather report.  I was the one with the red jacket, curly hair, no make up on, and smiling uncontrollably. Note to self next time I am on national television, put a little more effort in getting ready in the morning.


14 thoughts on “Trips with girlfriends- a brief NYC recap

  1. Girlfriends truly have the best (and often most random) conversations! We had an amazing trip to NYC, and I could only leave with the determination to come back. I cherished every moment!


  2. Hi Amanda,
    Glad to see you had a great time and I look forward to seeing pics of your trip. Make this your top priority: lay hands on a shot of you behind Roker!


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