tweet up 1-1 with @harrietglynn

This weekend I had a mini tweet up.  I met a friend for coffee on Saturday morning a twitter friend.

At this point I can imagine my sister rolling her eyes she thinks that twitter has taken over a significant chunk of my life and would probably dub it as “useless”.  All of my twitter followers, you are probably balking in disgust at such a statement.

Anyways, back to the tweet up. When Harriet asked me to meet up for a coffee I immediately said yes!  I  had yet to meet her  face to face but I follow her blog and tweets I felt like I knew her.  Well, when I say knew her, I mean that I know she has gone through an open adoption, is extremely witty, and is one of the few people who respond to my tweets. I read her blog often and am inspired by her authenticity and honesty, as well as her writing style. You will too once you start to read it, it is truly fascinating.

It’s funny when you accept up an invitation to meet up with someone you only know online.  For example when Jeff asked me who I was meeting for coffee on Saturday I said:

A: Oh, it’s a twitter friend.

J: A twitter friend?

A: Yeah, a woman I follow and connect with on twitter.

J: OK.

You know what that “OK” sounds like  “okkkaaaayyy”-  drawn out to insinuate “what??”

I ignored it and went about my merry way to meet up with Harriet.  Our tweet up was great.  I really enjoyed the conversation and it went so fluidly because we already knew so much about each other from our blogs and tweets.  We shared blogging stories, gabbed about special twitter people we would like to meet, and talked about the social media world.  Chatting about educational goals and career ambitions I felt at home sitting with Harriet.

As we sat chatting I did think “oh I wonder if she is going to write or tweet about this”.  I initially thought that I wouldn’t just cause it seems strange to meet up with people who know you blog and they probably think the same thing “is she going to write about this”.  Obviously, my mind changed.  I realized at the end of our conversation that this type of interacting from online to face-face is a completely different way to meet people and communicate out of shared interests.  The connections made from social media are what keep drawn to the medium of the communication tool.

I often think that you can learn a lot about people and their personalities by what they write.  In a world where everyone can write to a wider audience I find it fascinating to read what others think, fear, worry about, question, applaud, and share with a wider audience. Writing has become a creative outlet for me and to read how others use writing to express their own feelings reinforces my interest to keep writing.

Thanks Harriet for coffee!!  Hope we can do it again sometime soon.


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