love thursday: my mom

I don’t normally attribute love thursday to a single person but today I want to shout out my love for my mom.  It’s her birthday on Friday and she specifically requested no gifts so rather than a material gift I am sending her my love thursday written gift.

My mom is great.  Sure, I know what you are thinking “but isn’t every mom great? don’t we all say that our mom’s are great?”  Yeah, we do but I really think my mom is la creme-de-la-creme.  My friend Laura often points out that my mom did something right in raising my sister and I which makes me wonder if we were left to our own devices, I wonder what she thinks we would have turned out like- hehe.  I have friends who often ask me “what would Cindy say to this?” or “can I email your mom for advice?”  She is one of the strongest  and most value oriented women I know.  At the end of emails she writes “make today a day of equality and responsibility”.

As the years go by I find that I am bridging that gap, with my mom, of mother-daughter to friend.  I still seek her advice and wonder (often) what-would-mom-think and have been known to call in a state of panic seeking words of wisdom without even asking her how she is doing.  And always, she listens.

I’m not going to lie to you and say that times with Mom are constantly Oprah Ah-ha moments.  My sister and I sometimes joke that we grew up in the “school of hard knocks”.  Mom doesn’t take sh$%.  She hated it when we used to run in from outside and ask what was for dinner her frequent response was “hot rats on a stick”.  When we were really young and we acted up in a restaurant or pub (good ole’ England), she would slightly squeeze our little arms and say “let’s go to the bathroom”.  I can remember squirming in my seat, not because she was going to slap me around in the bathroom, but because it meant that we were going to have a “talk”- which involved my little butt on the counter and the look of stern disapproval coming from Mom.  Trust me, the worst is to feel like you have disappointed a parent. But with these “no-nonsense” lessons, I learned manners, how to behave in front of adults (as I was growing up), the difference between right and wrong, and to be a head strong, independent woman.

Mom is a laugher. In fact we all are, but my mom has taught me to laugh about pretty much everything. She has a great laugh and a great way of attracting people to her with her positive energy.  My favorite moments with her are when she is laughing so hard she can barely breathe, head down, and face red. She is always quick to point out that you should be attracted to someone who makes you laugh and make sure that special person in your life continues to make you laugh (which, thankfully my dad does on a daily basis).

There are some phrases that will always stick with me words of wisdom,really.  I remember one time in high school Mom said to me “remember, the best thing to be remembered for is your generosity”.  I constantly have this at the back of my mind.  Her generosity is always felt by many who cross her path.

So this love thursday is dedicated to my mom not only because tomorrow is her birthday, but because I don’t take the opportunity (enough) to articulate how wonderful she is in my life.



8 thoughts on “love thursday: my mom

  1. Amanda-what a beautiful birthday gift to your WONDERFUL mum! I too survived the “hard knocks school of Cindy.” (“Why do you want THOSE?” she’d ask of the color bands on my awkward teenage braces LOL…or “how are the rats?” she liked to joke about our poor wee gerbils Rascal & Frisky:))

    But deep down, that Cindy’s a softie and, as you so eloquently expressed, SUCH a generous, fun-loving, calming, lover of life (not to mention an awesome friend to MY mom:)). I’ve been one of those people you mention who has enlisted your mom’s sage advice many times before; I so value her feedback and love hearing her wise perspective on life. I cherish nothing more than kitchen catch-up over a glass of wine or while watching her effortlessly work her culinary magic. Happy birthday, Mrs. Coolidge/Cindy! (And yes, you have raised some mighty fine chicas:)) Love, Corinne


  2. I love love Thursday’s, but not as much as I love Cindy Coolidge. My house has never felt so loved as it did after the two weeks she spent living there. You da’ best Mama C!!!!


  3. This brought tears to my eyes! Thank you, Amanda, for posting such a wonderful note about our Mom. No one can make me laugh like my Mom–I love it, and I love her even more. Happy Birthday, Mom!


  4. What a nice tribute to a very good and patient woman. My brother picked a good one to keep an eye on him for life. She has her hands full on that one! And here I always thought I had the best Mom ever. You girls are lucky that you come from a long line of best Moms. My girls can say the same.


  5. Amanda
    What an incredibly beautiful tribute to your wonderful mom! You’ve really “captured” her and I feel so lucky to have her for my BFF. I really feel that we’re joined at the hip and the years and distance have only drawn us closer.
    She’s truly the best and I love her dearly. I wish her a wonderful birthday and all good things for the future because that is what she deserves.Frank is truly a lucky guy!


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