Raising my water bottle to…

I try really hard to keep paper work that I know will eventually be important, but time and time again I accidentally throw out these papers.  It drives me crazy and I always feel like it is a lack of focus.  As a lot of people know I am quick to make decisions and like to get things crossed off my list which can result in a bit of hastiness.

When in Vegas we went to the Sports Authority to buy tons of athletic gear between marathons and Ironman training, we go through a lot of athletic gear and fortunately in the states this stuff is CHEAP. Sports Authority has this amazing warranty program where, for only $10 extra, you can buy a warranty that allows you to return your shoes within 1 year of use, if they are completely worn out.  In my current training program of running more than 50 km a week, this is like winning the lottery.  I purchased the warranty and carefully placed the receipt in my “safe place” in my purse.  My mantra was on rewind “do not lose this receipt, do not lose this receipt”.

Fast forward to this Saturday.  I decide to register my shoes on the Sports Authority online program so I don’t have to keep the receipt for the duration of the year. I begin the search.  Through the “safe place”, my purse, my wallet, and all bags I took to Vegas.  Nada.

I decided to call the Sports Authority directly and see what they might be able to do for me.  (I did this fairly quietly so Jeff wouldn’t suspect that I had lost the receipt)-hehe.  Fortunately, after a series of phone calls the manager (Alicia) informed me that they found the receipt and could give me all the information I needed to register the shoes.

It was nothing short of AMAZING.  If you are ever in Vegas and go to the Sports Authority make sure you find the manager Alicia.  This woman is amazing.  She was so attentive at the store, offering discounts, assisting us with all the gear, and of course FINDING my receipt.

So today, I raise my water bottle to Miss Alicia at the Sports Authority store in Vegas.


One thought on “Raising my water bottle to…

  1. I love this!! Go Sports Authority go! When customer service is done right, it really is the best. I am rasing my spoon full of Wheatberry Salad to the Sports Authority!


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