Day 1- a new adventure begins

Day 1 at the new job went really well. I had a tough time sleeping the night before, thinking about what the next day would entail and if I made the right decision to move forward in a completely new career direction.  After the first ten minutes of being at the new office, my concerns were completely washed away.

Day 1 details- the good and the great:

1. Commute to work squashed from 45 minutes to 10 minutes.

2. Not-so-great: the fact that I had the song “I like big butts” in my head for the entire commute, thanks to Mr. Ipod sitting next me on bus.

3. Starbucks on the first floor of office building.

4.  No need to actually buy anything at Starbucks because office has its own Nespresso machine.

5.  Not-so-great: don’t drink a Nespresso after 3:00 pm…. I was wired and got a headache.

6. Breakfast foods (both organic and fresh) provided to all employees in the office. (They even have Soy and Almond milk!)

7.  Groceries delivered fresh every week, if there is something that is missing that you want, you can request an item by writing it down on the grocery list.

8.  Food and coffee = heaven.

9.  Once again, food…. I was welcomed to the team with a lunch at the Keg.

10.  FYI: after eating Salmon Caesar salad on Day 1 at the office, it is imperative that you purchase a pack of minty gum for your afternoon meetings.

11. Challenging and motivating work environment- I wasn’t entirely sure if the headache was attributed to the caffeine or the fact that I crammed so much information into my head in a short time frame.

12. Commute home… once again 10 minutes.

I am still sifting through my photos from the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, and I hope to have them posted this week.  Unfortunately one of my lenses wasn’t  properly cleaned  and left a number of smudges over the pictures, which thanks to Photoshop I can get rid of easily, but not quickly.  Stay tuned!  In the meantime here are a couple of teasers.

Grand Canyon, AZ
Old truck on Route 66
Film Projector
Paris Hotel and the Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas, NV

4 thoughts on “Day 1- a new adventure begins

  1. Day 1 sounds great! A ten minute commute…. will you still be biking? What is the name of the Company? Love the pics especially the truck!


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