I’m baaaccck!!!

For the four of you who read GotCurls, I have news for you.

I am back!

I had a wonderful week away at the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas with the fam.  The trip included lots of laughs, pictures, drinks, games, traveling, driving, sight seeing, and walking.  I have yet to download my photos from the trip, but Dad sent me a couple of pictures and here is one of his best from the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon, AZ

Unfortunately we were not able to hike down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon as there was a blizzard one day and as a result the trails were covered in snow and ice.  We did get to walk the rim a lot, take in happy hours, and learn the rules of BlackJack in preparation for our Vegas time (fyi: we never played BJ in Vegas as we didn’t want to lose money- the slots were our choice of gambling).

I will upload photos throughout the week and share stories, but I need to start winding down my evening as I ran 30 km today with the Running Room and start my NEW job tomorrow morning!!  I am really excited about my new gig and can’t wait to get right in and start something fresh… and yes, I already have my “new job” outfit laid out. (Kind of reminds me of my first day at school post summer holidays).


4 thoughts on “I’m baaaccck!!!

  1. Look, if only four of us read this, it means all your readers have already chimed in. I’m guessing you have more, Miss Amanda:) Cannae wait to hear more about the trip. Great pics, Frankie! Good luck today!! xx


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