Post Olympic Depression

It’s Wednesday, the Olympics have been over for 3 days now, and I am still thinking of them.  I feel like those people, who later in life, talk about the glory days of University or god-forbid, sometimes, high school.  Honestly the Olympics were the glory days here in Vancouver and what is difficult to contemplate now is that everything is over.  In many ways I feel like Vancouver needed to put some emphasis on how to deal once the Olympics were over.  The cauldron went out like a switch of a light, media packed up, and tourists and athletes were quickly riding the Canada Line directly to the airport.  Chris Erskine of the LA Times summed it up nicely on Sunday, “On Monday, this place will feel like a collapsed umbrella. They’ll rip down the Olympic netting, they’ll repaint all the buses.”  So many people I have spoken to feel like the city has deflated, sure we are all enjoying the few days of detox and the opportunity to get some much-needed rest, but darn it- I want to cheer.  I want to high five random strangers in the streets.  I even considered running down to Granville St. last night when the Canucks won, just to feel some love out there, but I fear I might have done some “air” high-fiving if I had headed downtown.

I am sure that the post-Olympic depressive state that many of us are under, will soon lift and we will, as my good friend said “have a long nap, detox for the month, save some money and then move on to the next great thing.”

For me, my Olympic depression will soon be uplifted by my upcoming trip to Las Vegas.  It will be my first time to the city that never sleeps and just like the Griswold’s I will be heading there on a family vacation. (Did the Griswold’s make it to Vegas in any movies or just Wally World?) The Coolidge fam is heading to Vegas BABY! and then on to the Grand Canyon.  This will be our first family vacation, outside of PEI, since I was 16 years old, and like so many of our gatherings I am sure it will be full of Scrabble, laughter, time-outs from each other, good eats, and happy hours.

For those of you out there trying to recover from your Olympic depression, the Paralympics are starting in one week and man I hope the city revives itself to cheer for those amazing athletes!

Miss604 posted a great resource for everyone on the events of the Paralympics (available here).  I will be back March 13 and you can bet that I will be cheering for the Paralympics and everything they have worked towards as athletes.

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