Running, High fives, and Beer- oh my.

The vibe in Vancouver is like nothing I have ever seen before.  The city is bouncing and the energy is contagious.  We went downtown on Saturday night and the crowds were crazy- people from all over the world hanging out in the streets, laughing, talking, drinking, cheering… it was amazing.  I have really loved the Vancouver Olympic experience and have managed to really take in the atmosphere of the city.  So proud of Vancouver.

The major highlight, for me, was on Sunday.  I grudgingly woke up way too early on a Sunday morning to meet up with my running group for an insane run of 26 kms.  I had been out late the night before, probably had one too many glasses of wine, and was not feeling in tip top shape.  I decided to get up, get dressed, and make the effort to meet up with my running group and thank God I did!  On our way through downtown (pre-crowds) in the wee hours of the morning, we were getting closer and closer to the Cauldron and off to my left, crossing the street past us was Al Roker from the Today Show.

I yelled out “HEY Al Roker!!  High FIVE!!!”

He yelled out “HEY!!” (In his well known voice- you know, the same tone that he uses when he says “and here’s what’s happening in your neck of the woods”) and he high fived me!

It was great- totally made the run worth it and was a great way to keep the motivation going through the 26 km.  Thanks Al for the support!!

After my run I  came home and began the preparations to host friends for the Canada-USA Hockey game.  I know you know the outcomes, so I am not going to bother with letting stating it out loud once again.  Despite the disappointment of the game, I was able to enjoy a few new beers out on the Vancouver scene!  Perhaps you recognize the names?

Icehole Beer

IP'eh beer

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