My lil’chat with Jian Ghomeshi and confession: I’m an author stalker.

Oh you know, just another day hanging with my CBC peeps!

Ian Hannamansing and I in front of CBC
Jian Ghomeshi and I

Thanks to twitter, I received 2 tickets to check out the live show of Q on Thursday.  It was great. I am a huge Jian Ghomeshi fan and I was not disappointed.  The show was amazing- featuring Alex Bilodeau, Peter “THE MAN” Mansbridge, Mayor Gregor Robertson, the Stars, and Mother Mother.  Jian mentioned that he is interviewing Liz Gilbert on Thursday.  I think I was the only one in the audience that went crazy- giving a big shout out to my girl Liz.

At the end of the show, Jian said that he would take questions.  Here is what I asked:

I have 2 questions for you.  1.  I love your monologues  and I am wondering what process you go through to write the monologues.  and 2. I am a huge, and I mean HUGE Elizabeth Gilbert fan.  What would it take for me to be at that interview on Thursday?”

Jian: Well we are taping in Toronto, but if you can make it there, you can attend the show. Talk to me after the show.

Audience yells and applauds.

I was so thrilled that I didn’t listen to his response to question 1 about the monologue.

At the end of the show, I went to speak with his producer who informed me that it wasn’t protocol to have guests at the interview.  I said I totally understood and in fact I told him that I already author stalked her in Seattle so it wasn’t a huge deal.  Scratch that.  This is exactly how the conversation went,

Producer: “Well, we can’t really have people in the studio while we are doing interviews, unless they are interns or for an educational purpose”

[keep in mind that when I get excited I say whatever comes to mind]

Me: “Oh, okay. Well that is alright since I have already met her.  I actually went down to Seattle to see her talk and we had a great conversation at the end of the night.  In fact, I think of myself as a bit of an author stalker.  Really, it’s the best kind of stalker.  We mean no harm.”

SERIOUSLY?!  did I really say that?!  Author stalker?!  We mean no harm.  Aye caramba.

After I talked to the producer, I decided to go chat with Jian. You know, I might as well take it up a notch since I already declared myself a stalker. So,  I stood in line to get my picture taken with him and of course to talk to him about Liz Gilbert.

When I went to speak to him he said “For sure you can come!  You can be MY guest!”  He then gave me the producer’s email (hehe) and told me to contact the producer about getting to the show.

Of course I was thrilled.

Un problemo:  I need to get myself to Toronto and unfortunately it isn’t that cheap.  I would love to go, but I as I was heading to Atlantic House at Granville Island last night I realized that:

1. I don’t want to leave this OLYMPIC city at the height of the games,

2. I really can’t afford to fork over the cash to fly to Toronto for one interview,


3. I really don’t want to freak Liz Gilbert out by staring her down with a huge smile on my face in the studio while she gives the interview.  I am pretty sure she might issue a restraining order.


9 thoughts on “My lil’chat with Jian Ghomeshi and confession: I’m an author stalker.

      1. OK…it’s not Elizabeth Gilbert but here’s how you could get to hang out with Jian Gomeshi again and maybe find a new author to stalk!. Be at CBC Wednesday the 24th from 7-9pm for the taping of Sheryl MacKay’s show–for Canada Reads–with Jen sookfong Lee, Simi Sara, etc.
        Everyone in the studio audience will be entered into a draw for a trip for 2 to Toronto to meet this year’s Canada Reads winner and …JIAN GOMESHI during a taping of Q!
        Here’s my suggestion, pad the crowd with all your friends and make an agreement that if any of them wins, they take you along! I’ll be the first to offer and I’ve signed up.
        Get on the guestlist:


  1. Way to go Amanda. I think your reasons not to go are better than your reasons to go. Also laughed my but off reading your story.

    RE: Handsome-Man-Thing I used to work in Pacific Centre at a certain telecomms company he came to the store one day I had an attack of speaking without thinking when the first thing I said to him was, “Wow, you are look much taller on TV.”



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