7 facts about the Opening Ceremonies from an INSIDER

Jeff attended the Opening Ceremonies last night and as we were re-watching the  ceremonies on TV (insert CTV here) he was telling me some interesting facts about what was happening on the “inside”.

(not in a particular order)

My friend, Rhiannon, was at the Opening Ceremonies- here is her photo from her blackberry- thanks RHI!

1. There was snow was falling over the staging, but tissue paper fell over the audience.

2.  The protestors disrupted traffic through the city and some of the IOC dignitaries arrived JUST in time for the show.

3.  Jeff’s friends Clark carried the Monaco sign, and Ricardo (from Mexico) carried the Mexican sign.

4.  On the huge TV screen in the stadium, the audience was able to see what the rest of the world was seeing- plus there was a script that instructed audience members when to shine lights, bang drums, etc.

Team Canada enters the building, thanks Emily for taking a pic of my tv

5.  Each audience member had a specific packaged specific to their seat position.  The package included- a cardboard octagon-shaped box (printed to look like a drum), a drum stick, a coloured poncho, and coloured torch and a white torch.

6.  All of the camera crew and media staff dressed in full white suits to camouflage themselves from the performance.  Many were in lower pits in the ground.

BC Place lights up! Emily's photo off the TV

7.  Jeff and his fellow volunteers were rushing around placing packages on the audience member’s seats.  The gates opened at 2:00 pm and less than an hour before the stadium opened, there were still TONS of boxes lying around.


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