the smell of Earl Grey tea

When I lived in Kenya, I was flatmates and BFF’s with Dana.  Dana was and still is the funniest person I know.  I remember one night I was sitting on the couch watching another episode of Scrubs and I heard Dana yell from the kitchen:

I smell burnt toast.  Do you think I’m having a stroke?

The water I was drinking nearly burst out of my nose and mouth and I could barely keep it together.  I was cracking up.  Who the heck ever heard of the smell of burnt toast giving you a stroke?

No, I’m serious.  I’ve heard that if you smell burnt toast you might be having a stroke.

Being the complete paranoia that I am, I googled every instance of smelling burnt toast and sure enough, people all over the world wide web state that smelling burnt toast could be a sign of a brain tumor or stroke.  (

This happened a couple of years ago, but I always think of Dana when I smell burnt toast.  Last night my thoughts returned to this notion of smell and complete disaster when I went out for a run with the Running Room.

My running buddy and I were running down 10th, near Cambie, and here was the conversation:

Me: Do you smell that?

Her: Yah it smells like jasmine…

Me: No it doesn’t!  It smells like Earl Grey tea.

Her: Oh yah, totally.

Me: I wonder what that means?

Her: Huh?

Me: Well, you know if you smell burnt toast you might be having a stroke.  So what does smelling Earl Grey tea mean?

Her: Someone just passed by us drinking an Earl Grey tea?

I think she is probably right, a google search for “Smelling Earl Grey tea” promptly comes back with Earl Grey tea hits.  There is nothing conclusive out there about the smell of Earl Grey tea and medical disaster.


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