love thursday: chances

Today’s love thursday is dedicated to chances.  That point in your life when someone gives you a chance.  They see something in you that propels you in a different direction.  Perhaps it is the chance encounter with an old friend, the guy/girl you have waited to ask you out , or the company that gives you a chance for your dream job.  All of these chances will change the course of your life, either in a miniscule way or in a phenomenal way.

I remember the first chance I was given.

I was 11 years old and played soccer.  All of my friends played soccer and everyone seemed a little faster, stronger, and fitter.  I played season after season, loving every Saturday morning.  I jumped out of bed, prepared the orange slices for the half-time snack, and filled my water bottle.  Every season two team members from each team in the county were selected to play on the Braddock Road Youth Club (BRYC) All Star Team.  I had visions of being selected.  One morning, when I was 11, my coach called me.  She said that I was selected to be on the All Star Team.  I was completely ecstatic.  She had given me my chance.  I never forgot that phone call.

Little moments like the one above steer us in a direction. Have you been given your chance today?

In honour of chances, listen to this one!


2 thoughts on “love thursday: chances

  1. You were a BRYC All Star?? You go girl! You were a darn fun passing partner, I know that much:) I get a vision of passing on a field with you (surrounded by woods….kind of over near Lake Braddock maybe?), mud sticking in my black cleats, and all huddling on the sidelines at half-time devouring those juicy little orange slices. Fun post, it’s got me thinking….


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