My parents were awesome (and in my opinion still are)….

The other day, a friend sent me the link to the site My parents were awesome.  I have scrolled through hundreds of these photos, checking out other people’s parents pre-children.  As I rode the bus this morning I was thinking about this website and about how little I really know about my parents pre-me.  I am pretty confident that if my parents and I knew each other when we were both in our early 30s that we would be friends- probably hang out at coffee shops, drink beer, laugh a lot, watch sports, tell each other great books to read…

So as I rode the bus this morning I thought about all the tidbits of information about my parents that they have told me about their lives pre-Amanda and Emily.  So here are some of those tidbits, and hopefully I have some of the facts correct:

My dad held the state of Connecticut record for the 800 meter (still does?- not totally sure- dad??)  Mom was the Editor of her school year book.  Dad was a 4-H kid and won tons of awards for his prize-winning calf.  Mom cooked a lot growing up, she made bagels from scratch one time.  Dad lived in Okinawa at one point, as well as Austin for a stint. Mom left University one year to work as a chambermaid at the Disneyland Hotel.  Mom was on the Price is Right (well she was in the audience, but still has her name tag).  Both of my parents had a sibling throw a shoe at them in a sibling argument (the doors still bare the scars).  Dad used to watch Bonanza.  Mom used to make fun of my aunt watching “Mighty Mouse”.  Dad was in the Air Force.  Mom saw Elvis in concert, but she really wanted tickets to see the Moody Blues.  Dad was hit by a car when he was a kid. My dad’s best friend growing up was Tom Billard.  My mom’s best friend in University was Kathy Waugh.  They both still talk about Tom and Kathy lots.

That is really just an inkling of my parents pre-kids.  I need to know more.  We are going on a family trip to the Grand Canyon at the beginning of March and I intend to find out more about my parents pre-kids. Since my parents are my number one readers of my blog I might as well say “hey mom and dad!  look what info I just posted to the world !”


9 thoughts on “My parents were awesome (and in my opinion still are)….

  1. This need to know my parents pre-me really hit me when I had kids (they are 6 and 3). Right now my kids love hearing stories about my life before they were around (which, I am sure will evolve into eye rolls and moans of “not again” by the time they are 12). It’s part of the reason why I set up the 365Retro Flickr group this year ( – to try to capture some of those memories that are associated around photos in the hopes that maybe someday it will help my kids understand who I was before they came along.


  2. The facts are correct- or close enough. I still do not get the fascination with Mighty Mouse or any cartoon, for that matter.
    I like to think we would be friends if we had met before “you”.


    1. ah so sweet- mom you would not believe the number of responses i am getting to this posting! i need to write about you guys more often :)


  3. Hi, Amanda
    I thought of a random fact about your mom that my mom (the referenced kathy waugh!) told me. One year in University your mom would eat 2 poached eggs and two pieces of toast every morning. Random..but everytime I eat a poached egg i think of that!


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