Running is a metaphor for wha???

Last night at my Marathon Clinic we had a guest speaker.  The speaker, Kenji, spoke about good running form- and his four principles of achieving the right running form.

1. Choose your speed

2. Run 180 steps/minute

3. Check out you are feeling? Feel good?

4. Check your posture- chest out, butt in.

As I tried to drill these four principles into my head and was mentally preparing myself for the 9km run, I perked up when I heard Kenji say:

Running is a metaphor for yourself.


How you run, gives you a good idea of how you are in life.


Of course, this is the part that I pick up on.  I immediately start thinking about my running form- hunched over, small steps, little arm movement, pained expression on face, oh and add in the BRIGHT red face.  Is this how I am in LIFE?  Do I go through life not standing tall, confident, full of breath, and willing to tackle adventure?  Who knows, really.

Kenji then said when you see your running form weaknesses this is an opportunity to improve.  Every weakness we have is an opportunity for improvement.

As a result I ran last night a bit more upright, still kept my small steps and pained expression, but I watched my speed- I tried to emulate what I WANTED my running form to emulate- a strong, confident, yet slighlty pained 30-year-old woman.

Victoria Half Marathon 2009

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