love thursday: RiverIndia

I have been thinking a lot about people who have careers that they LOVE- ones that emmulate who they are as a person and the values they believe.  When I think about this, I automatically think of my very good friend, Roland.  I have known Roland since we were 15 years old.  We lived in Pakistan (parents were in the foreign service) and we managed to laugh our entire way through grade 10.  In fact, we basically laugh our way through everything when we get together.

A few years ago, Roland had a vision of starting his own rafting company in India, bridging together his love for India and rafting.  As a result of lots of hard work and an incredible passion for what he does, Roland’s company RiverIndia ( is a success!  My sister, Emily, and I went on the first trip in January 2007 and to this day it remains the best trip of my life.  I often think of the RiverIndia trip, what it meant for me and the experiences and people I met along the way.  To this day, the crew of RiverIndia Jan 2007, are some of the best friends I have in life.

The crew, Jan 2007

Here is a promo video of Roland’s company:


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