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May 2, 2010: The BMO Vancouver Full Marathon

Yes, I have signed up to run the Vancouver Marathon on May 2, 2010.  I’m letting the blog world know about this in the hope that this will further make me accountable for my insane ambition to sign up for this race.  To be honest, I really didn’t think I would ever do a Marathon. I don’t love running, I do it for exercise- to maintain weight, stay heart-healthy, and at times to relieve stress and pressure.  I have run quite a few half marathons and most recently had a hard time willing myself to the finish line, due to lack of training- or I should say NO training.  So, when I was reminded by my friend Sally that I had committed to the Marathon in July of 2009, while having a glass of wine on her back deck in Calgary, my first reaction was “Oh shit, she remembered”.  Thinking that my sister, Emily, would console me and say “Oh geeze, is that something you really want to do?”, she responded with “Really? That’s great! I will do it with you.” Riiiiiiggghhhhttt…. and now I was really committed.  I actually had a training partner in Vancouver to run with and Emily suggested we sign up with the Running Room to train with a larger group to increase motivation.

So this week marked my first week training with the Running Room Clinic.  I went on Wednesday night for the 10km run, it was really warm outside, 9 C and NOT raining.  This was a bonus.  I started out running with the group but honestly the pace was unbearable.  It seemed as thought I had joined the long-legged gazelles in a race to the finish line.  I started to stay back a bit realizing that I was becoming frustrated with my inability to keep up, so I fortunately found a friend who was able to run with me.  We chatted along the route and fortunately I made it to the end.

Thursday marked night 2 with the group.  It was pouring rain outside.  By pouring, I don’t mean simple light rain, but rather buckets of rain, as though someone was standing with a pail of water over my head and just dumping it on me.  Emily ran with me on Thursday and we ran the 8km with another woman who was great to chat with- she is a regular runner and at a similar pace to me, so I finally felt like perhaps this might be an okay idea.   After arriving back to the store, sopping wet, Emily and I headed over to the pub for some carb loading, you know… beers and fortunately they had wonderful warm fleece blankets at the pub.   I wish I had my camera with me.  I am sure we looked foolish, sitting at our table in running gear, soaked to the bone with fleece blankets wrapped around our bodies.

Overall the running is going well, to start, and this weekend we will be running 16 km on Sunday.  Can’t say I’m exactly excited about it, but I can say that it will kick my butt.

For some motivation listen to: Mistress Barbara featuring Sam Roberts “I’m Running”

5 thoughts on “running, running, running

  1. Go Amanda! You can do it! I totally admire you. I can’t bring myself to commit to anything more than a half marathon, but perhaps next fall I’ll go for it!

    Can’t wait to follow along and hear how the training is going!


  2. Go for it Amanda! I said I was going to do a 10k by the end of last summer and never made it – it’s my new goal for when the marathons start up again in NS – hopefully, the 10k in the Bluenose.. a few of those over the summer and maybe I’ll do the 1/2 by the end of the summer.

    Be glad you can run outside, even if it’s raining.. been way too cold for my wimpy self outside lately, so I’ve been making do on the treadmill.


  3. Amanda – good for you! You are absolutely doing the right thing in sharing this with everyone – when training for my first marathon someone gave me some great advice to look myself in the mirror each morning when brushing my teeth, shaving etc. and tell myself “I am a marathoner”. Once you start believing it – you will make it happen.

    You are going to have an amazing experience on race day and coming through that chute will change you just a little bit forever. You will feel like there is nothing you can’t accomplish – and you will be right.

    Best of luck and if you ever need any advice or encouragement please e-mail or stop by the blog. I’ll be racing in Pittsburgh the same day you are in Vancouver finishing my second marathon in 13 days for a cause — the training is difficult, but well worth it in the end.

    Take care and keep on going!



  4. hey all! thanks for the comments :) you are starting to get my psyched up!! joe- best of luck with the running- what an inspiration!


  5. Go get ’em Amanda – just approach each workout positively and run the miles in front of you that day – before you know it workouts that seem tough today will be an “easy” day 8 weeks from now.

    You picked a beautiful course for your first marathon – it is going to be amazing – best of luck!


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