Do you ever get the feeling that you lead a parallel life with someone?

Do you ever get the feeling that you lead a parallel life with someone?

Today, I was explaining to a dear friend that I feel that I lead such a parallel life with Liz Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and now Committed. I realize that this probably sounds cliché and perhaps conceited in many ways, but, well… I do consider Liz somewhat of a mentor and a guide in many ways and have even said that she is often the scribe to my very thoughts.  I won’t go into specific quotes throughout her new book Committed that resonated so profoundly with me, because I probably would wind up quoting most of the pages.  My copy has many ear marked pages ready to be re-read.  I love the honesty of Liz’s writing, she opens herself up so fully to the reader and in the face of divorce and re-marriage she allows the reader to delve directly into her thoughts and feeling.

Often times I feel offended by those who tell me “oh I didn’t like that movie, or book, or tv show” after I have been so forward with my admiration.  However, in the case of Committed, if I am the only person out there that believes this book is worthy of attention, then that is just fine.  (Okay maybe that is not entirely true.  I can barely manage to click on a review of her latest book in the fear that someone might say something bad about Liz… crazy right?!  I mean she is not my child or even BFF in this case).  Somehow her writing is able to reach out to me and comfort me in knowing that I am not the only one out there with anxious thoughts surrounded around life and partnerships.

I realize that I, perhaps, put Liz Gilbert on a bit of a god-like pedastel, that many of you probably wonder if I pray to the god of Liz, or have some crazy shrine in my home dedicated to her books.  Not to fear, I don’t.  When I heard Liz speak she was candid about her thoughts on being thought of as a someone who has found the secret to happiness.  She was quite to note that, that is NOT the case and that it is still a struggle at times, and that just because she wrote a book about her experience doesn’t mean everything was figured out come publication.   Regardless of her belief that she should not be hailed as a self-help deity, I will continue to read the word of Liz and be inspired.


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