still working on that challenge!

The intention was there, but once family hit town and I had the opportunity to be away from the computer for awhile with the holidays, I totally dropped the ball on Gwen Bell’s Best of 2009 Challenge.  So here are the broad brush strokes of  (SOME) of the remaining challenge days:

New person. The people I work with have been the best addition to my 2009.  Everyday we laugh, joke around, talk, work on projects together, and laugh… did I mention laugh?

Project. Starting the blog has been a project I am really proud of.  I also made these great calendars for family and friends, desk calendars- complete with pictures I have taken over the past year.  Riding my bike to work.

Laugh. For those who know me, you know I laugh a lot.  I can’t think of ONE belly laugh but I can tell you that I have had numerous belly laughs.  The best are the ones where I can barely breathe, and am crossing my legs in the hope that I don’t pee myself.


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