Christmas cards?! To do or not to do? Solution..

Many of you are probably wondering what to do about Holiday cards this year- should you do them?  Shouldn’t you do them?  Do you want to fork over the cash for all of the stamps (yes they add up!)?  And… what about the environment?  All of these questions revolving around one task that can become a monstrosity in a short time frame.

My solution- photo collage sent through email.  (For those relatives, i.e. my Nana who does not have email, I will send a snail mail card her way with pictures.)  For the past 3 years I have been creating a photo collage card, in Photoshop, with all of the relevant happenings of the year- from travel, home, family and friend photographs, it is how I sum up the year and stay connected to people outside of Facebook.

Here is this year’s Holiday- photo collage:

Here is the link to a great article recently published in the Globe and Mail re: Christmas cards

One thought on “Christmas cards?! To do or not to do? Solution..

  1. Love this, Amanda, and loving your blog! Have Mr. and Mrs. Coolidge arrived to gorgeous VanCity yet? Can you meet for coffee Sat. morning? Would LOVE to catch up!!!


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