December 12 and 13, 2009: Best food and best change to place I live

Dec 12: Best new food in 2009.

This year marked a fun foodie experience.  One night, at our regular Sunday family supper,Rhiannon came with a surprise.  In the midst of studying for her three courses, writing papers, and working  full-time she also managed to procrastinate a bit by making a colour printed and bound edition of Vancouver’s 101: Best Food and Drink for 2009. The gift has been awesome.  Each week we all try to mark a few things off of the list and give our taste buds a treat with some of the recommendations.  Favorites of mine include:

1.  Giant Oreo: Two four-inch chocolate cookies mortared with vanilla buttercream make an Oreo of Brobdingnagian proportions. Wash down this hyper-caloric two-hander with a barrelful of milk. Butter Baked Goods, 4321 Dunbar St., 604-221-4333.

2. Crispy Cauliflower: A perfect balance of flavours is the revelation in Najib’s Special, a hot mezze served at it Lebanese spot Nuba. Earthy veg, astringent lemon, and sea salt get a goose from tahini and hot sauce. Middle East terroir in an appy. Nuba, 207 W. Hastings St., 604-688-1655.

3. U Bake Mac n’ Cheese: A no-brainer: keep a stockpile of these in your freezer for a decadent midweek meal. The pasta drips with a four-cheese blend and béchamel sauce, topped with more cheese and bread crumbs. Les Amis du Fromage, various locations.

You can check out the entire list at:

Dec 13, 2009: Best Change to my home in 2009

I think the best thing to change my living space in 2009 was to de-clutter.  When I moved back from Kenya I went into storage in Calgary and honestly could not believe some of the things I decided to save in the storage unit.  For example, a plastic milk crate, a 3-year-old broken coffee maker, Ikea kitchen table and chairs- so many things that, to be honest, I hadn’t even thought about in 2 years and at the time I not sure why I decided to hold on to them.  Also in storage were a number of boxes, boxes filled with old photographs, photo albums, trinkets, random memorabilia that really wasn’t relevant to my current life, and quite frankly a lot of cluttering junk. This year I finally managed to sort through the boxes, reminiscing about many of the photographs, laughing, crying, and keeping those that would be representative of my history and tossing so many that were not relevant.  It was a great feeling- selling things on Craigslist, giving items to Women in Need Shelters, throwing out and recycling some items… decluttering really was such a therapeutic way to change my living space for 2009.

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