Love thursday: giving thanks

It is American Thanksgiving and to celebrate my American heritage I have decided to dedicate this Love Thursday to “giving thanks”.  Unfortunately I won’t be having a turkey today, but I will be thinking of my friends across the world who are celebrating today and I will be thankful for so many wonderful things.

Here is a list of things that I am thankful for that don’t cost a dime!

1.  Family- regular contact, email, g chat, g-video, love

2.  Friends- laughter, wisdom, and presence

3. Jeff- supportive, love, wonderful

4. Starbucks Itunes Cards (yup they are free and you get to check out cool new tunes!)

5.  Library

6. The rain on my face when I ride my bike to work

7. Biking to and from work

8. Running outside

9. Connections with colleagues

10. Health!

11. Zip Trip fotos

12.  Blogging

13. Inspiration

14. Cooking

15. Baking

16. Playing scrabble at home with Jeff- candles, music and scrabble- yup I’m a nerd.

17.  Online news

18. Friends’ blogs

19. Shelter (okay it does cost rent, but honestly it is pretty important)

20. Creativity

21. Library (did I mention this one already?!)

22. Skype!

23. the Globe and Mail that someone leaves at the bus stop every morning, sure it is yesterday’s news, but I just love it.

24. the excitement of little kids when they get on the bus

25. connections

… I am sure my list will grow today and I know that I have left some things out, but thought I would start here… what are you thankful for?


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