love thursday: giving and generosity

It’s love thursday today and this week I am focusing on giving.  With the holidays approaching I think it is a good time to focus on giving vs. receiving.  There is something about giving a gift to a friend, co worker, or family member that always brings a smile to my face.  I regularly mail out snail mail cards that I have made and I always love the idea of someone going to their mailbox and actually physically picking up a piece of mail- how rare these days!

A couple of Christmas’s ago I put out a “call” for friends and family to donate money to purchase food, clothing, diapers, etc for an orphanage I volunteered at while I was working in Kenya.  It was such a powerful feeling giving to the orphanage and knowing that family and friends across the world donated to the cause.





Beautiful girls!

I remember asking my mom (a long time ago) what she wanted to be remembered for in her lifetime- she said, without hesitation, “For being generous”.  I always think of that when making decisions.  I think sometimes generosity is an undermined virtue.  This year, with finances a bit tight, I hope to give in many ways this holiday season- through volunteerism, crafty- personal items, baking, and a few other special items I come across.


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