Love Thursday: Gratitude

Okay admittedly, I have not been very good at updating the blog lately. It isn’t that I have “nothing” going on, but I guess I just haven’t felt that creative urge to get out there and write and take photos.  But, as it is Love Thursday, I will change that- starting…. NOW!


Love Thursday: Gratitude

I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude lately- being grateful for who and what has come into my life.  My thoughts on gratitude have been ever present lately through the courage of a friend whose father is dying, walking away from my brief incident with a car and my bike (yes I am fine), the laughter and love of friends and family, and the support of a great partner to share life with.

Yesterday as I was biking to work I had an incident with a car.  The person driving the car, hit me on the side and basically continued to drive to the right- thus squishing my body up against the car.  Fortunately I was able to walk away with little injuries, with the exception of some bruising.  When I returned home, to then drive to work, I told Jeff what happened.  He said “You know, that guy, probably woke up late, ate breakfast in a hurry, grabbed his coffee, ran out the door, hopped in his car, and is only thinking about getting to work for his 8 am meeting , and perhaps rehearsing the list of things he needs to do in the day- so, you weren’t even on his radar”.  Jeff’s comment really hit home to me.  Everything is really about being present in the moment of where you are.



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