love thursday: make art!

I came across this today on one of my favorite sites: Kind Over Matter.

According to the instructions, this is how Drew created this awesome art piece. (

1. type poem.
2. format to one word per page.
3. print 64 pages.
4. shoot 64 polaroids, 1 per word.
5. with exacto knife, carefully cut polaroids open.
6. peel transparency from back.
7. scratch photo ink from around the word and clear shavings.
8. glue newspaper, lottery tickets, diagrams, etc. to back.
9. glue polaroid back shut.
10. let dry.
11. scan.
12. tape polaroid together.

For this love thursday- get out there, create art- whether it be a photograph, a painting, a card, a poem… get out and be creative.

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