love thursday: commuting

Bikes in Amsterdam
Bikes in Amsterdam

Do you love your morning commute?  Lately, I have been loving it.  I ride my bike to and from work, at least 3 times a week- 13 Km each way.  Riding my bike to work has completely transformed my morning commute and the way I feel about my commute.  I used to hate the process of getting in to work.

I am very much like my Dad.  I like routine but I don’t like the monotony of routine. For example- taking the bus to work and noticing that the same people are on the bus at the same time and sitting in the same seat.  Or driving to work and noticing that the drive to work becomes so mundane that your mind just goes into drive mode and you don’t really pay attention- you get to work, park in the same spot, hear the double beep of the car alarm and head into the office.

10 reasons why I love biking to work:

1.  Being outdoors first thing in the morning

2.  Seeing the sunrise over the skyline

3. The way the sunrise hits the skytrain structure (strangely it is really pretty!)

4. Chill of the air in the Fall

5. Time to myself first thing in the morning- the time to think and just “be”

6.  Exercise!

7.  The amazing bike route system in Vancouver

8.  Watching the fall colours change each morning.

9.  Finally learning the correct hand signals

10. Camaraderie with other bikers.


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