the making of a cake

In my family I am not known for being a good cook or a baker.  In fact my reputation of cooking dates back to the time in high school when I almost burned down our home in Virginia by making microwave popcorn.  To this day, I honestly believe that there must have been a fault in the microwave system, but am constantly reminded that the so called “fault” was actually me!

But today I sought to redeem my culinary skills by tackling a recipe by the famed Julia Child (who yes, is all the rage these days).  I made a Chocolate Almond cake to take to “Frank’s Girls”.  “Frank’s Girls” is a group of 4 women (2 are myself and my sister).  We met at a wine event and found out that we all love wine, books, and happen to have a father named Frank.  Hence, the title of our book club group “Frank’s Girls”.  Tonight “Frank’s Girls” is gathering to eat a Julia Child’s recipe themed meal based on the movie, “Julie and Julia”.  We wanted to get together once again before we could finish our current book club read, so it was decided that for this event we would each have to watch the movie “Julie and Julia” and come to dinner prepared to eat, drink, and discuss!

Here is the result of the Chocolate Almond Cake

Chocolate Almond Cake


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