wanting my school supplies again

I admit it.

I loved going to school, strike that.

I loved going to Elementary School. I loved hanging out with my friends, having my own desk (my own place for erasers, pencils, binders), and playing on the amazing wooden structure that was our playground, which was taken down, years later, due to safety reasons.

Going back to school was also made sweeter when the “back to school list” was mailed to my home with the list of required school supplies for that year.  My sister and I loved going to get our school supplies- fresh paper, spiral notebooks, real ball point pens, and of course the no.2 pencil.

As an adult there isn’t always the opportunity to indulge in back to school shopping… of course I always tend to go on a little shopping spree at the start of the fall and dub it my back to school shopping.

Aside from the “letterman jacket” (no thanks), here are some great back to school items for grown ups – love em!



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