life lists, mondo beyondo lists, and crazy goal lists

I’ve been inspired as of late to create a mondo beyondo list, aka life-list, aka crazy goal list.  So many wonderful blogging women have been out there posted their dream big lists that I find myself inspired to do the same and in weak moments, “stealing” their own lists.  As I read them I think “ohhh that is a good one” or “wow that one is going to be tough to accomplish!” but then I stop myself and realize that the great thing about mondo beyondo/dream big lists is that they are 1. personal and 2. should be read without judgement. One of the greatest aspects of declaring a mondo-beyondo list is the act of declaration- almost like you are double daring someone to hold you accountable…. which is perhaps exactly why I have been procrastining on my own.

Check out these great mondo beyondo lists and be inspired… if nothing else it gives you a chance to “creep” in on other people’s lives and dreams, right?

If my friend Rhiannon had a blog I would link directly to her yearly lists… she is inspiring and always challenging herself to explore and push her own boundaries.

Dreaming big...
Dreaming big...

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