I almost signed up.

So I admit it, I was inspired this weekend at the Ironman Canada.  So inspired that I actually considered signing up for 2010.  Keep in mind my only experience with a triathlon has been a sprint tri in which I rang my own bike bell to cheer on other people while I was racing.

I basically had to be talked out of signing up for 2010- and when people couldn’t find me at the campsite on Monday morning, the concern was “OMG did she head out with the guys to sign up?”  Honestly, it wouldn’t have been abnormal for me to sign up.   I seem to have this attitude of “hells yah- I can do that”, but that is exactly where I have my friends to stop me, lead me back to reality, and suggest that perhaps I try an Olmypic distance and then a Half Ironman next summer.

The attitude of “hells ya I can do that” is what propelled me to climb Mount Kenya in 2007 with relatively no training and no climbing experience.  Truth be told at the end of that experience I did question why I thought I was capable of ascending and descending within a 24 hour period.

But for now and for awhile, I will continue with my cheerleading- enjoying the thrill of the event and the living off the passion and endurance of all Ironman Triathletes!  Way to go Ironmen 2010 and a special congrats to Jane who placed 3rd in her age group and is on her way to KONA!!



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