Found Ring

Last night I thought I lost my favorite ring.  I bought the ring for my 30th birthday, as a gift to myself.  I love it because it reminds me that gifts to myself are sometimes the best gifts received and it gives a little spunk to each of my outfits, which can be rather bland somedays.

However, last night I thought I lost it.

I looked everywhere around our apartment and was devestated at the thought of losing it.  As I was about to walk out the door to a movie I said to Jeff, “Well, it’s just a thing and it doesn’t define who I am, but I do feel like I have lost a piece of myself.”  Jeff’s response “So, kind of like if Pamela Anderson were to lose her fake boobs?” With that, I walked out the door to my movie.

When I returned, Jeff said he still hadn’t found the ring and after some more searching I finally stumbled upon it, under my swim cap.  Of course, a completely strange place to put a ring and who knows how it got there- perhaps amid the random feverish packing for our holidays…  anyways, thankfully it is back on my finger and I am pleased as pie.

Found Ring


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