the accident

On Thursday February 26, almost two and a half weeks ago I was in a bike accident. Fortunately I didn’t collide with a car. I managed to collide with a small rock or a piece of debris scattered in the bike line. It was quick but I knew exactly what was happening. My front tire slipped on the debris, I swerved to the right (out of traffic) into a curb, hit the sidewalk and flipped over the handlebars. It all happened in a matter of seconds. A matter of seconds that would result in weeks of recovery.

I knew immediately that I was hurt. My head throbbed, I was nauseous and my right arm was in excruciating pain. I somehow managed to grab my phone from my pocket and called Jeff. I later learned, from Jeff, that the phone conversation went something like this. “I’ve been in a bike accident. I have to check my pulse and call the ambulance”. Huh? Oh right, the results of my first aid course. Check for pulse, call ambulance.

At the same time that I was speaking to Jeff, or I should say describing my first aid procedures, two men stopped on the side of the road. I handed the phone to them and fortunately they took over. Yah, for good Samaritans.

Within minutes an ambulance arrived and so did Jeff.

The result? A broken collarbone and a mild concussion. My helmet split in three places. My clothes were cut off at the hospital. My collarbone had a complete break. The X ray showed a split (hole) the width of my index finger. What was once one bone structure was now two. The orthopedic surgeon visited me in emergency and suggested surgery. It would be the fastest way for recovery. I was sent home for two nights with Oxycontin and Tylenol 3.

Two days later I arrived back at the hospital for surgery. Five hours post surgery I had my new bionic shoulder. 12 screws and a plate almost the length of my collarbone now inhabit the right side of my collarbone and shoulder.

The accident, rest, and recovery has filled me with immense gratitude.

Grateful for:

  • My helmet. Always wear a helmet people. It saved me.
  • Jeff and Ryder. Life savers in so many ways.
  • Friends who came to our rescue. Calling, texting, bringing meals, sending gifts and care packages, taking Ryder for play dates, stopping by for visits, buying groceries. (Tracy, Emilie, Emily, Mom and Dad, Shrawan, Corinne, Rhiannon, Farley, Vivian, Kyla, Meghan, Brownwen, Jane, Leahanne, Robyn, Clint, Michelle, Denise, Brad, Mary, Lauri, Monique/Adrian/Dennis, Sue, Tara, BCcampus, Westshore Triathlon)
  • Health. Being healthy and fit pre accident has resulted in a speedy recovery. Within two and a half weeks I am back to almost full mobility, have been going for walks, riding the recumbent bike, and regaining energy.
  • Work. The people, the environment, the support.

Thank you.

Miracle morning- making it work mornings

It’s Day 6 of Miracle Morning, almost one week into the morning routine. I managed to wake up at 5:00 am on the weekends and complete my SAVERS- which felt great. I still feel pretty shattered by 8:00 pm and as a result I am almost uncommunicative. Don’t expect me to make any important decisions post 7:45 pm.

I have to admit that I am experiencing some frustrations. It’s the challenge of having a 2.5 year old who loves his mornings. I know that some people would say “well, perhaps this is something you need to pause for a little while- wait until Ryder grows up a bit and can sleep a bit longer in the morning”. Um no thanks. Neither Jeff or I have used Ryder as a reason NOT to do things. Then there is the other camp who would say “wake up earlier, so that you still get your time”. (Insert image of me wanting to throw up). Waking up before 5:00 am feels to me like suggesting an all nighter. Not appealing.

So for now, I am making it work in different ways. If I can do a meditation, affirmations, and visualizations before Ryder wakes then I know I can slip in a yoga session later and write while he is eating his cereal. It isn’t ideal but it’s a work around that I have to accept right now.

Quick update to Miracle Morning…

Okay I know, two posts in one day, in fact within hours of the other. I am not being overzealous, rather I want to put a bit of clarification on the miracle morning scribing. I will not be posting on the blog EVERY day. I spoke with my sage aka my sister and she recommended that rather than writing on the blog everyday I should take the opportunity to journal and then post reflections every few days. I definitely don’t want to bore others with my mundane thoughts of what I was doing at a certain time, but want this to be an opportunity to record the journey of a new practice.

Miracle Morning Day 2

Day 2 and I managed to wake up naturally, which to be honest was a fluke. I know my body hasn’t already gotten into the habit of rising at 5:00 am but it was still nice to be able to start the morning with ease. Ryder did wake up again through my yoga practice, but Jeff was able to take over until I finished the session. If the last two days are a representation of how the rest of the 30 days will go it seems that I will be able to get in the SAVE part of SAVERS, but have to fit in the RS part while Ryder is having breakfast.

All day yesterday I did have a different energy. I was more alert and awake throughout the day. I will admit that the evening was a bit harder. At swim practice I did have a vision of falling asleep while floating on my back during backstroke. The water just felt calm and my body was at ease.

So today’s scribing is a bit shorter- Ryder’s letting me know his shirt is wet and his hands have oatmeal on them. Kids these days.. what’s wrong with a wet shirt and oatmeal on your hands :)

Miracle Morning Day 1

Important announcement: My sabbatical from the blog was generously sponsored by my inner critic. The inner critic assisted in a writing lull that had me second guessing what I had to share with others from parenting to work. The inner critic has decided to cease sponsorship.

I just finished reading the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and it was just the kick start I needed. I have been wanting a morning routine that was just for me for awhile. A morning routine that doesn’t involve an abrupt start by an alarm, a rush to get Ryder ready, fed, clothed, brushed, and out the door. Having spoken about meditation in the past and wanting to make a practice of it but failed, I knew I need to just take control and give myself a challenge. I work best when presented with a challenge as well as a “how to guide”.

This morning was my first morning trying the Miracle Morning method. Here is how it works.

Wake up at 5:00 am.

Have a glass of water.

Splash water on your face.

Go into an area of your home where you have set up the proper tools to start your morning.

Follow the SAVERS method.

S: Silence (sit in meditation- I did it for 5 minutes- repeating inhale abundance, exhale love)

A: Affirmations (thanks to Louise Hay I have a card deck of affirmations. Yesterday I went through the cards that spoke directly to the affirmations I am looking for).

V: Visualizations (I sat on my pillow and visualized what I want in life- at this point in my life I visualized a SOLD sign on our home and a new home with a view of the water).

E: Exercise (Yoga- I have wanted to get back into yoga but the timing of my yoga classes – in the evenings – make it difficult to get out. I downloaded the app FitStar Yoga and started with an 18 minute flow- loved it!)

R: Reading (5 minutes from Pema Chodron’s Start Where You Are)

S: Scribing (Writing in a journal, but because I want to be held accountable I am going to write in the mornings on the blog as my journal)

So how was Morning 1? Honestly it feels great. I absolutely loved knowing that the morning was for me to set up the way in which I want the rest of the day to flow. I loved getting a yoga practice in before 5:30 am. I have to admit that I was interrupted at 5:15 am by a waking Ryder (he is still on Austin, Texas time). Fortunately Jeff hadn’t left for swimming so he was able to take Ryder while I finished up my yoga flow.

The goal is to try this for 30 days- which means a full review on March 20th. I know I need this as well. I need the morning silence, the practice of meditation, and the energizing flow of yoga first thing.

So here we go….

This is the everyday (not staged)

Lately I have been scouring the internet looking a home design blogs. Perhaps it is the nearing of the fall that makes me feel like a change is needed or maybe it is just my can’t-sit-still-too-long personality. Regardless, I have been oohing and awing over a million pages of home decor sites. From Design Sponge to Apartment Therapy I find myself spending (way too much) time wondering how to get that particular look and researching ways to reinvent and reorder my living room.

In the midst of having that excited-for-change feeling I also find myself in my own swirl of thoughts, once again believing that the grass is greener elsewhere. Homes seem to be immaculate. Style and design appear to come as easily as walking to many of the bloggers. Books are neatly piled on coffee tables. White couches are covered with lovely textile pillows. Kitchens… oh lordy, the kitchens.. don’t even get me started on their amazingness.

To give my head a good shake I reminded myself that these photographs of beautiful spaces are staged. The lighting is filtered, the white space made even whiter with overhead lighting or perhaps a professional photographer’s set up. The books are carefully chosen to go in a particular spot on the coffee table. Tables are set with great care and colours aligned to match the wall colours. These are just glimpses. Not the everyday.

Inspired by Momastery’s post “Give me Gratitude or Give me Debt“, I thought I would share both the glimpses and everyday life around here. (Excuse the poor photography skills. Something is wrong with my DSLR these days, the lighting (well I didn’t do any staging for this), and my IPhone camera seems to have developed a blur in the corner).

Glimpse 1: My office. Paintings, tea, vision boards, lovely lighting.


THE REAL VIEW: Yup that is a bike beside desk. I share the office with my husband who uses it as a training space. It’s tidy but cramped.


Glimpse 2. The play area. A painting that hangs above our son’s play area and colourful pillows line the baseboards.


THE REAL VIEW: Toys and paper. Not neatly placed but in their true form. Being used and loved.


Glimpse 3: Ryder’s room. Printed off various colourful bike images and have created a couple of collages.

photo 1

photo 2

THE REAL VIEW: A boy’s room in a bit of chaos. Don’t call social services.



Advice to a 24 year old

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My cousin, Kaylee, is turning 24 today. She’s at that in between stage. Post University, working in her hometown, wondering what is next. It’s an exciting time in her life because there are so many options available and open to her, but also one that is daunting.


Sandy (my aunt) and I went out to lunch with her on Saturday and Kaylee asked us the million dollar question. “If you were 24 what would you do?” It took both of us a minute to think about this. What would WE do differently? Where would we have gone? Explored?

Our answer turned out to be the same.


Pack your bags girl and explore the world. But don’t do an around the world excursion. Find a place, a different place, to live for 6 months or one year. Immerse yourself in the culture, food, life, and vibrancy of a different location. Seek out opportunities. Be in a state of wonder and curiosity.

My advice to anyone turning 24? Don’t think that you have to follow a life timeline. I was certain that at 24 I should be married by 25 and have all of my children by the time I turned 30. I am not sure where this idea of a timeline came from, but for some reason I was sure that I needed to follow it. What happened? I was engaged at 24, married at 25, and separated at 26.

I would tell my 24 year old self to get out into the world, seek different opportunities, and for goodness sake STOP caring and defining yourself by what other people think of you or what you think you SHOULD be doing in life.

DO what YOU want to do.

Jess Lively, one of the bloggers and podcasters I follow, says that she always listens to what her gut is telling her and if she listens to her gut she knows she made the right decision for her at the time. That is what I would tell my 24 year old self.

Listen to your gut. Follow what you want to do and remove the “should’s” from your vocabulary.